b&w digital photography
created especially for the artistic project Open Doors
selected for the opening expo of the Fórum Eugénio de Almeida
Antiguo Palácio da Inquisição, Évora, Portugal.
July 11th - October 6th 2013
Forget-me-not wants to serve as a reference to all the people that suffer from violence, repression or discrimination throughout the years. Wants to maintain alive and present the image of the tortured person, that asks through his silence not to be forgotten. It is a black and white photograph, taken at an abandoned building of Athens, more than 4 thousand klm away from the Palácio da Inquisição of Évora, on the other side of Europe. Forget-me-not wishes to be a tribute especially to the 216 women, victims of the Inquisition in Portugal and at the same time make us think of the violence that goes on every day in many places around the wolrd.