Leaving myself. Reaching myself.

“Αφήνοντας τον εαυτό μου. Φτάνοντας τον εαυτό μου.”
[Ένα μνημείο για όσους διασχίζουν σύνορα]

Installation, © Jana Tziveleki, 2015

Expo: Walls/Τείχη/Muros
Webster Athens Cultural Center
[4-7 dec 2015]
curated by Melina Moisidelis

The installation “Leaving myself. Reaching myself.” is a monument, with readymade material, dedicated to all those who cross borders, territorial or other kind. In the middle of the serious crisis of the numerous refugees who are obliged to migrate in our neighborhood, or in more distant neighborhoods, lately or through the past years, this monument moves the importance beyond the borders and the walls and focuses on the Human and how is obliged through the journey to evolve crossing limits. The walls as an obstacle in his access to freedom, what had to go through to get there and what will find on the other side is part of the route that will affect him drastically, a personal process of leaving behind his familiar self along with his land and discover another new self in the land that heads on. A crucial experience, which most of the times we can not foresee its ending and often we lose all the narrations that could accompany it. This artwork desires to pay a tribute to this very personal process of transformation of all those who cross borders and will never be the same afterwards.